"Serdika" Hospice Chain

No matter which of our facilities you choose, you can count on high-quality care for your loved ones.

Services in hospice "Serdika" chain

24/7 medical and sanitary care
Long-term care of bedridden patients
Specialized care for patients with reduced mobility
Maintaining rehabilitation

What we provide in our hospices in Sofia, Varna, Rudartsi and soon in Pomorie, near Burgas

  • Safe environment with 24/7 video surveillance
  • 24/7 nursing care for activities performed in a controlled environment by trained teams
  • 24/7 sanitary care to ensure personal hygiene
  • Comprehensive medical and social care and special psychological and emotional support for patients with dementia, cancer and bedridden patients with chronic and other diseases
  • Focus on the care of bedridden patients with chronic strokes, multiple sclerosis, paralyses, pareses, dementia and other specified diseases leading to permanent immobilization
  • Opportunity to carry-out specialized consultations with external specialists
  • Proper and regular nutrition from a central kitchen with food quality control and individual diets
  • Possibility of everyday visits
  • Perfect facilities tailored to patients’ needs
  • Rehabilitation and kinesitherapy for maintaining a good locomotor culture

Medical and social services – “Serdika” Hospices for the Elderly

Good health goes hand in hand with a strong spirit and an active way of life. In order to provide your loved ones with easy adaptation and long-term medical care, we provide them with high-quality medical professionals:

Healthcare specialists:

  • Doctors and nurses

  • Caregivers and orderlies

  • Rehabilitators

  • Kinesitherapists

  • Clinical psychologists

  • Dog-assisted therapy specialist

Specialized offices:

  • Rehabilitation and gymnastics hall

  • Room for art therapy and labour therapy, dog-assisted therapy, music programs

  • Beauty salons

  • Libraries

When should you consider placing your loved one in a hospice?

There are various reasons to consider placing a loved one in a hospice. In addition to a hospice for people with dementia, “Serdika” also provides care for bedridden patients. Each disease can progress in a different way. Early symptoms, such as inability to get up and move, difficulties with daily living, as well as diagnoses already made, can give you a clear indication to seek specialized institutions.

It is of paramount importance to seek specialized help earlier – then the chance of receiving adequate care according to the needs and controlling the development of the underlying disease is much greater.

Do not wait and seek timely help!

Additional services in the "Serdika" Hospices:

Constant video surveillance
24/7 monitoring and response team
Organized daily activities
Psychological and emotional support
Dog-assisted therapy

The role of emotion

In order to overcome feelings of isolation and to improve mood, we provide a carefully selected program of entertainment activities at the “Serdika” Hospice for the elderly, applicable to the condition and the underlying diagnosis.

In each of our facilities, we give the residents the opportunity to choose between a variety of activities and psychological and emotional support in a cosy environment.

Хосписи "Сердика"
Арт терапия

Прилаганата в Хосписи за стари хора “Сердика” творческа терапия или т. нар. арт-терапия позволява пренасочването на вниманието на възрастните пациенти и резиденти към хоби, като в резултат на това те забравят за проблема, потапяйки се в процеса на творчество.


"Serdika" Hospice Chain

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